First get pre-approved, then go house shopping


Before you start looking for the house you want to purchase, it is very important to have the financing for your mortgage already pre-approved.

Let's say that you, like many other active home buyers, are out looking for your next home. However, you chose to start home shopping without first obtaining your loan pre-approval. One day you are out and about looking at homes, and you bump into the house of your dreams. At the same time five other families have also identified that same house as their dream home. In a scenario such as this, by failing to get pre-approved, you are at risk of loosing out on that Beautiful Georgia Home. You've placed yourself and your family at a disadvantage by not having the documented proof that you are capable of obtaining the financing that you need to purchase that or any other home. What a great disappointment that would be!

Keep in mind that astute sellers will only take seriously, offers from buyers who have their form of payment officially secured, by way of a loan pre-approval or proof of funds.

We cannot emphasize enough, the importance of having your financing ready, to give the seller(s) the confidence and motivation they need to consider accepting your offer.

Should you need help getting pre-approved for a mortgage, we are happy to connect you with exceptional Georgia licensed loan officers. Feel free to contact any of our skilled Beautiful Georgia Homes' licensed Real Estate professionals to get connected and to get started.